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  • Mortgage Approval for the Self-Employed

    Author: Mitchell Weiser Date: June 1, 2016

    In the past, securing a mortgage as a self-employed person was a complicated and often unsuccessful pursuit. However, as the global economic landscape has shifted, the mortgage industry has followed suit by providing self-employed applicants with achievable lending criteria.

    Presently, there are several different ways to obtain mortgage financing for those who are self-employed.  While many lenders may still view self-employed people as a higher risk, the application and approval process has been redesigned to make mortgage financing more accessible for those who rely on self-declared income.

    With this new simplified approval process, designed specifically to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs, potential borrowers now benefit from a range of mortgage products with built-in flexible options and far less paperwork.

    To receive an approval for a mortgage loan as a self-employed person, you must generally be able to provide at the minimum, the following supporting documentation:

    -Evidence of a strong credit history. When applying for a mortgage as a self-employed person, your lender will typically consider your personal credit history as opposed to your business credit history.

    -A business license or GST license or articles of incorporation.

    -A Statement of self-declared income

    If you are self-employed and anticipate the need for mortgage financing in the future, there are several ways to strengthen your position, some of these include:

    -Keeping your consumer debt at a minimum

    -Requesting and reviewing a copy of your credit report. Efforts should then be made to repair any delinquencies or other "red flags for creditors

    -Demonstrating financial stability. You could, for instance, offer a larger down-payment than normally required

    -Evidence of the availability of personal cash reserves

    -Demonstrate an established track record of successful self-employment

    -The willingness to provide any and all documentation requested of you.

    There are many programs and products which help entrepreneurs or other self-employed persons, who have a proven history of managing credit, but who may also have difficulty providing the traditional income verification that is required to buy a home or refinance an existing mortgage through CMHC and your financial institution.

    Please feel free to contact me to discuss your specific mortgage needs, Im always available to help.

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Author : Mitchell Weiser
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