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  • How to improve air quality... with Paint!

    Author: Michael Yaschyshyn Date: July 1, 2016

    Paint. Often thought of as toxic, noxious, and continually emitting harmful gases into the spaces we eat, sleep, and raise families. It is no wonder that fresh paint prompts us to leave the condo for a few days, open all the windows, and turn on every fan.

    We no longer need to think this way anymore... as long as we are well-informed.

    Recent technological improvements have emerged that will soon reverse this notion - towards the use of paint to improve air quality. This might sound unreal, but some paint products have hit the market in the last few months that are serving as indoor air filters.Patented formulations have been created, that when applied on the wall, act as a filter to reduce the levels of volatile organic compounds VOCs from potential sources like insulation, carpet, cabinets, fabrics, laminates and other building materials.

    This is a giant leap forward in the low-to-zero-VOC movement, where larger paint manufacturers often only address the negative odour aspect. As this may resolve the issue for individuals sensitive to odours, it may also be misleading. Sometimes these paints contain other solvents and additives that may be more hazardous to your health. The entire home improvement industry is yet to fully balance environmentally safe products with economic certainty.

    As a result, many new "boutique' brands are emerging, that offer zero-VOC paint with natural mineral pigments for tinting. A characteristic not seen with larger manufacturers, as this process would be too costly for their production lines. The alternative to "low-VOCs” does not cost significantly more, but may be a bit more elusive in the market place. However, when working with natural paints one should try to use it all up, as there are no rust inhibitors,additives and/or preservatives.

    In conclusion, specific paints have become a lot safer to work with and live with. By significantly reducing the concentration of cancer causing chemicals, such as formaldehyde and other aldehydes, a new home can now be a healthy home.

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Author : Michael Yaschyshyn
Michael founded MODE Painting with the goal of exceeding expectations. With 15 plus years in the industry, he is an expert at catering to the specific needs of any individual. Much of his career was spent in the rebuilding of health care facilities, adhering to the highest levels in health & safety standards. When his focus shifted toward home improvement, he brought those same practices with him.
Whether you are budget conscious, a fashionista, or have specific sensitivities – MODE Painting is always prepared to go beyond the industry standard to satisfy your needs.