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  • 10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Real Estate Agent

    Author: Bevan Friedman Date: October 3, 2016


    Choosing the right real estate agent can mean the difference between earning top dollar on your property investment and barely breaking Your agent will negotiate the price of your house and charge you a commission. You deserve to feel confident that youíve asked all the right questions before selecting the real estate agent who will sell your house.

    Here are 10 essential questions you need to ask before choosing a realtor.

    1. How much experience do you have?

    As simple as this sounds, many home sellers donít ask this question! Donít assume an agent has the experience youíre looking for simply because theyíre an agent.

    1. How does your fee structure work?

    An honest realtor will clearly outline the details so there are no surprises. Beware of realtors offering rates that seem super low, as it may speak to their planned level of effort.

    1. How will you advertise my listing?

    A diverse marketing plan is key to selling a home. Ask agents for current ads, not just in print but online as well. A competent realtor should have all the advertising bases covered.

    1. Do you have support staff?

    Thereís a careful balance here. While you donít want to be handed off to your realtorís assistant, you do want your realtor to have support staff in place so they can focus on the task at handóselling your house.

    1. Do you also help buyers find homes?

    To avoid a potential conflict of interest, ask if your realtor will solely represent you, or if thereís a possibility he or she may also represent a potential buyer. Know your real estate agentís priority yes, it should be you.

    1. On average, how long does it take you to sell a house?

    Any realtor worth your time will be only too happy to share their stats. Find out how many homes theyíve sold in the last year, and how long each sale took.

    1. Will you help me stage my home?

    A great realtor has a keen eye for decor. Find one who can show you how to set the ideal stage, making your house attractive to potential buyers.

    1. Is my neighbourhood growing or slowing down/declining?

    Asking about your neighbourhood will tell you the agentís level of experience, plus it gives insight into the current market trends in your area.

    1. Can you give me a comparative market analysis CMA for my neighbourhood?

    Quick on the heels of question #8, ask for a CMA, which lists current homes for sale and recent sales in your area. This can help you compare your home to others on the market in your area.

    1. Do you have references from preferably three clients?

    Again, any realtor you want to work with will have up-to-date references from recent clients. Do you have a question? Feel free to ask us!

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Author : Bevan Friedman